Alcibiades: Heavenly Horse
scale hieroglyphhieroglyph for 'heaven' flanked by 'horse' hieroglyphsscale hieroglyph
The Heavenly Horses

Foaled in 1965
Bred by Richard Pritzlaff

Sparagowski photo
the heart being weighed in judgment against (the feather of) Maat by Anubis from the Book of the Dead SIRE:
Ibn Nazeer

Nazeer ex Yashmak

*Bint Moniet
El Nefous

Nazeer ex Moniet El Nefous

At Richard Pritzlaff's, Alcibiades contributed both male and female get to the Rancho San Ignacio herd. In 1976 he began siring for Millie and Norton Grow of Rafter G Arabians, in Prosser, Washington. The first straight Egyptian breeders in Washington, the Grows' program engendered Alcibiades sons and daughters which launched many other breeders' programs, of both related and straight Egyptians. The nicks with Ansata El Salim and El Hadiyi get have paved the way for immortality.
Alcibiades photo
Age three in New Mexico
Photo by Alan Brakensiek
Alcibiades photo
In New Mexico
Brakensiek photo
Alcibiades photo
At home in Washington
Sparagowski photo

Alcibiades get who are influencial in the bloodstock of Mandala members' breeding programs are featured on the
Alcibiades direct progeny page.
Alcibiades grandget will follow, to be added soon. We welcome photos from others with this blood, kin to Bint Bint Moniet, Rasmoniet RSI and so many others.

scale hieroglyph
row of gods from the Book of the Dead

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