Nile Musings ~ Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian Horse ~ Volume 1 Number 1 January 2003

image of grey horsehead Nile Musings image of horsehead from Haremheb's tomb

The Nile Muse
Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian horse online
Since 1997

As the Nile Muse marks its sixth anniversary celebrating the Egyptian Arabian horse ever since antiquity, watch for new articles about the immortal Egyptian horse.

In this inaugaural issue of Nile Musings, as the webscribe of the Nile Muse, I'd like to answer that frequently asked question, "Why the name 'Nile Muse'?" When I was breeding horses as Daughters of the Nile Arabians, I began a newsletter as Nile News (remember the great magazine the Arabian Horse News?) which naturally morphed into Nile Muse. "Muse" encompasses contemplation, museum, and the image of a lithe young person to whom our fantasies easily cling. The Nile Muse soon featured other breeders who are preserving the Egyptian horse for future generations. So there was much to muse about.

the Nile Muse logo: Nefertiti in her chariot. Links to the Nefertiti article
Nefertiti's page

The logo for the Nile Muse jumped out of a century old book by James Breasted where Nefertiti ceremoniously charges behind her pharaoh husband in her very own two-horse chariot.

In fond honor of our lady charioteer I rewrote the Nefertiti pages using the current Web standards. Viewers using older browsers may not welcome the change since they may see plainer formatting, but technology charges forward and table layout and graphics-for-words are not friendly to persons with disabilities. So let's embrace the plus-minus standards which allow everyone accessibility. And we who use new browsers also benefit from a few new tricks. Hang on for the ride.

What's new on the Nile Muse?
–Nefertiti revisited — rescanned the images of Nefertiti & Akhenaten.
–Added a new scene elaborating on the Golden Collars award. Grooms hold the pharaoh's horses and chariots, other citizens celebrate as Aye (a future pharaoh, it turns out) receives honors from the king.

It's time to share with you my years of searching for and researching the ancient Egyptian horse, so watch Nile Musings as picture stories of chariotry, riding horses, and the dedication of breeders in ancient Egypt unfold. The past echoes familiar to current day Egyptian horse breeders' experiences.

For the moment, muse on Nefertiti's face lift:
Nefertiti: Queen in her Chariot.

Your webscribe, Donna Hyora

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