Nile Musings ~ Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian Horse ~ Volume 1 Number 10 October 2003

image of grey horsehead Nile Musings image of horsehead from Haremheb's tomb

The earliest record for the transportation of horses and chariots on Nile ships appears from the early New Kingdom at El Kab. Later New Kingdom examples of Nile sailing horses continue into the Ramesside period. Horses sailed the Nile for destinations in life and thereafter for the ancient Egyptian administrators and royalty. Ancient Egyptian text and illustrations testify that

Hatshepsut's boat on the way to Punt

Mariette's illustration of the first ship of Hatshepsut's expedition bound for Punt 1

At least one horse came into Egypt by ship. Contemporary with Paheri's tomb depictions of Nile sailing horses, Hatshepsut imported a horse by ship from the land of Punt, probably by way of the Red Sea then up the Nile.

This month's article begins with the horse that sailed on Hatshepsut's ship and continues with another king's horses that sailed the Nile.

The next article finishes with Nile faring horses of Egyptian nobles.

What's new on the Nile Muse?
Kings' Horses that Sailed the Nile

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  1. Mariette's Punt drawings from Deir-el-Bahari — published in: Pharaohs Fellahs and Explorers, Amelia B. Edwards, Harper & Brothers, NY, 1891

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