Nile Musings ~ Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian Horse ~ Volume 1 Number 4 April 2003

image of grey horsehead Nile Musings image of horsehead from Haremheb's tomb

horseshow in a town north of Luxor, Egypt -- links to article with more photos

This time we take a side trip to showcase contemporary horseback riders and Egyptian horses at a small horse show in rural Egypt. True native costume classes.

horseback rider in native costume -- links to article with more photos

Stunning photos testify to the pleasures of horsemanship. Sonny Stengle and his wife, from Germany, were visiting Egypt in February when they happened upon a local horse show. Sonny posted a note and his photos on the Tour Egypt bulletin board. He is sharing them here and inviting everyone to visit the board. (You could post him a message...) Tour Egypt is a huge website all about Egypt, past and present. Egyptomaniacs from all over the world frequent the discussions and become friends.

A Horseshow in Egypt, this month's article, shares Sonny Stengle's photos. Next month I will resume discussion of the ancient Egytian horse with photos fresh from Egypt.

What's new on the Nile Muse?
An Egyptian Horseshow – just north of Luxor, Egypt
the webscribe in Egyptian pose
New Foals
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The webscribe returns from Egypt

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The Nile Muse ~ Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian horse ever since antiquity

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