Nile Musings ~ Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian Horse ~ Volume 1 Number 8 August 2003

image of grey horsehead Nile Musings image of horsehead from Haremheb's tomb

Ptolemy IV Philopator on horseback

A post pharaonic image of king Ptolemy IV Philopator on horseback rounds out the Nile Musings of royal riders. Previous articles about mounted royalty discuss young Amenhotep III's hunt on horseback and an ostracon which perhaps depicts Ramses VI on horseback. The royal rider in this article ruled during the Ptolemaic dynasty of foreign rule in Egypt.

Ptolemy IV took the name Philopator, "Loving His Father". Ptolemy ruled 221-203 BC. He was victorious at the battle at Raphia in 217, memorialized on the Raphia Stele which delivers the 217 BC Decree of Memphis in two languages using three scripts.

Ptolemy IV lived in Alexandria, the northern city in Egypt established by Alexander the Great. On the west bank of the Nile in Luxor area he began the small temple to Hathor in the workmen's village of Deir el Medina. It is on the bottom left within a mudbrick wall in the following photo. Later Ptolemys finished the building.

Ptolemy IV also contributed to the temple of Isis at Philae.

This month's article looks briefly at Ptolemy IV Philopator on horseback.

The next article begins a series about Nile faring horses.

What's new on the Nile Muse?
—a Ptolemaic Egyptian King on horseback
—August 2003 - First cloned horse born… to her twin. Link to the MSNBC article:

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