Nile Musings ~ Celebrating the Egyptian Arabian Horse ~ Volume 2 Number 1 January 2004

image of grey horsehead Nile Musings image of horsehead from Haremheb's tomb

The hieroglyphs on Tutankhamun's alabaster chalice have nothing to do with the ancient Egyptian horse. Yet the beauty and charm on that so-called "Wishing Cup" seem reason enough to start the new year and wind down the Nile Muse's seventh year online with the cup's eternal wish:

May your ka live! May you spend millions of years, you who love Thebes, sitting with your face to the north wind, your two eyes seeing happiness.
hieroglyphic inscription from Tutankhamun's alabaster chalice, aka King's Wishing Cup

Get a feeling for the left to right, right to left, and top to bottom reading directions of hieroglyphs all on one exquisite piece of magical art from Tut's tomb.

Tut's "Wishing Cup" hieroglyphs continue the spirit of the hieroglyphic name designer and translator introduced last month.

The next article will begin the first of a series studying actual ancient Egyptian chariots from the eighteenth dynasty.

What's new on the Nile Muse?
Hieroglyphs on Tutankhamun's alabaster chalice

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celebrating the Egyptian Arabian horse ever since antiquity

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