Eternally Yours: Egyptian Horse Breeder Norton Grow

Rafter G Arabians in Prosser, Washington

Millie and Norton Grow and Harold Jeans at Grows' open House for Al Khamsa enthusiasts October 1985.

Norton's and Millie's book collection on the Arabian Horse is enviable.

One of my favorite memories of Norton features their lush yard where we sat one warm day, surrounded by flower gardens and exotic birds. Millie brought out a book of poems written by Wilfred Blunt. After admiring it carefully, I proceeded to drop it, resulting in the corner of one page folding in. I was mortified! Norton calmly said something like, "That's OK, it gives us something to remember you by." 'Snortin' Norton' could also purr... By the way, Millie said she intends to sell her rare books. Inquire to the webscribe if you need her address or phone number.

25 April 1998. A note from Jeff Grow:

You know, I'm not real sure where he is at. Dad always said he wanted to come back as a stallion (a "stud" actually). If there is an argument for reincarnation this might be it: My mother, brother, wife and I spent a week in Scotland a few years ago, not long after Dad passed on. We were on the Isle of Skye off western Scotland and all out for a walk in the afternoon drizzle. On a hilltop not far away a black stallion ran up, stopped and looked at Mom for a bit. He threw his head and mane about, snorted and ran off. We never wondered, we just knew.

Rafter G Foundation Mares

The exquisite grey mare, Desert Song RSI, by Ansata El Salim out of Soja RSI.

And the Grows' first foundation Egyptian mare, Faaraa (photo by Millie Grow), by Faarad out of *Bint El Bataa. The Grows purchased Faaraa from Richard Pritzlaff when she was a foal.

The black Nazeer daughter, *Bint El Bataa (Norton Grow photo), of the Pritzlaff importation

and her friend, RSI Sara (Sparagowski photo), by *Rashad Ibn Nazeer out of *Bint Dahma.

Norton, Alcibiades
and Ansata El Salim
given life forever and ever [hieroglyphs]

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